We Will Transform Your Body

You’reDominating™ is a personalized, comprehensive service that guides clients through total physical transformations.

When you hire us, you don’t just get personal training, a redesigned diet and a team of experts that actually care.  You get RESULTS.

Ready to dominate? Let’s get started…

Online Mini Course

I get asked all the time about how I manage to get so ripped.

So I built an online “mini course” specifically for young guys who want to know how to shred like me, using the very same strategies I use to shred down every Summer.

Access my online mini course here…

Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

If you live outside of Los Angeles but you still want to hire me to be your trainer, I offer online coaching.

I’ll give you the blueprint to succeed, then you do the work.

Go here to learn more about my online coaching service…

Cancel & Reschedule your Workout

If you’re an active client and you need to reschedule one of your sessions with me, click here.