How To Get Started:

First, determine how many times per week you want to train.

Purchase a 6 week training program on this page, then send an email to to schedule your first session.

Still have questions? Go to our FAQ page to learn more.

Choose your program:

Personal Training 4x per week (6 week program) =$125/session


Personal Training 3x per week (6 week program) =$135/session


Personal Training 2x per week (6 week program) =$145/session


Personal Training 1x per week (6 week program) =$155/session


Can’t Afford Personal Training?

We get it – working with YD is no small investment!

If you live in Los Angeles & want to transform your body but you don’t have the budget for Personal Training, then our Outdoor Group Workouts or our DMN8 Personal Training program may be your best option.

DMN8 is LA’s largest outdoor group workout community. Our certified trainers are the most friendly, fun crew of fitness pros in the game.

Class Packs for our group workouts are available for less $12.50 per workout <3

Private one on one training with a DMN8 trainer is $100 per session.