Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work if I want Eddy to train me?

First, you must purchase one of our 8 week transformation programs, based on your goals and availability.

Eddy will meet with you personally to get to know you. Before we design your transformation we want to understand your lifestyle, goals and fitness history.

Eddy will develop a comprehensive 8 week strategy incorporating nutrition, cardiovascular training, resistance training, stress management and mental wellness.

Over the 8 week program, our entire team work closely with you to execute on this 5 point strategy together.

Your initial training session will be with Eddy and will include your fitness assessment and body composition analysis.

In 8 week, we’re going to make physical and psychological breakthroughs – and achieve INSANE RESULTS.

When your 8 week transformation is complete, we’ll summarize your success in a google document and lay out the next steps for your continued domination.


What happens after 8 weeks?

Our programs are 8 weeks long because this is the sweet spot for the amount of time that most people can effectively sustain an intense training/nutrition program.

In 8 weeks, people who work smart will see dramatic changes in their body without burning out. You’re going to be THRILLED with the results you achieve in 8 weeks.

After an 8 week program with us, most clients feel ready to transition into a “maintenance” program where the client no longer requires our services.

At the end of your program, we’ll meet with you to help you transition into a sustainable “weekly training plan” that you enjoy and allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle without our help.


What if I still have weight to lose after the program is completed?

In rare cases a client will have a substantial amount of weight to lose and 8 weeks won’t be enough to see the changes they desire.

Sometimes a client is so excited by the progress they’ve seen, that they want to repeat another 8 week program immediately.

In both these cases, we recommend the client take a 1-2 week break before purchasing another 8 week program and the process starts again.


How do you take payment?

We take payment via paypal, credit card or cash. 8 week programs are paid for in full on first day.


What happens if I miss a workout? Do I still have to pay for that session?

Client’s who miss workouts will not be compensated, unless they have a legitimate reason (serious illness, emergencies, etc…) for why the session was missed.

Clients who provide at least 24 hours notice before missing a workout will be allowed to reschedule that workout for later in the same week. If a client fails to reschedule a session within 7 days of the original date, they lose the workout.


Where are the weekly workouts performed? What are they like?

A client’s key workouts will be performed together with our staff in Santa Monica, CA. The private gym facility and equipment is provided by You’re Dominating.

Day and time of weekly workouts will be determined at the start of the client’s 8 week program.

Sessions run 55-65 minutes and are custom designed based on each client’s individual needs.


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