Terms & Conditions

Personal Training Service Terms & Conditions

6 Week Personal Training Programs:

  1. Initiation/Getting Started:
    • We will meet to discuss lifestyle, work schedule, goals, athletic background, diet, mindset & more.
    • Initial training session will include fitness assessment and body composition analysis.
  2. Workouts:
    • Day and time of weekly workouts will be determined at the start of the client’s 6 week program.
    • Sessions run 55-65 minutes and are custom designed based on each client’s individual needs.
    • Gym facility and equipment provided by You’re Dominating.
    • Training sessions will always be in Santa Monica, CA unless otherwise discussed ahead of time.
  3. Weekly Communication:
    • Eddy will be available to you via email, text, and phone as much or as little as needed throughout your 6 week program.
    • In person meetings with Eddy can also be scheduled ahead of time and as needed.
  4. Cancellations and Missed Workouts:
    • It is important that clients give as much early notice as possible if they will not be able to attend a workout.
    • It is the responsibility of the client to use our online rescheduling system to reschedule workouts that they cancelled, missed or cannot attend.
    • Go here to Reschedule a workout you cancelled, missed or cannot attend.
    • If a client fails to reschedule their workout within 7 days of the missed workout, the client loses that workout.
    • Rescheduled workouts cannot be rescheduled again. Client must attend the rescheduled workout or they lose the session.
    • No reimbursement will be offered to clients who fail to reschedule workouts they cancelled, missed or could not attend within 7 days of the original workout date.

One workout only:

  1. Initiation/Getting Started:
    • You’re Dominating will initiate a text, email or phone conversation to preview the workout, the goals and the purpose of the session as well as to schedule the session.
    • I will design and plan the entire workout before we meet based on our prior conversations and dealings with one another.
  2. Workouts:
    • Sessions run 55-65 minutes and are custom designed based on each client’s individual needs.
    • Training sessions will always be in Santa Monica, CA unless otherwise
    • Gym facility and equipment provided by You’re Dominating.
  3. Review and next steps
    • You’re Dominating will provide a document briefly recapping the session, highlighting key takeaways and making suggestions for what you can do moving forwards to move closer towards your goals.

Online Services Terms & Conditions

Initiation/ Getting Started:

  1. One 60 minute video call meeting at the beginning of your program to discuss your goals, your work/life schedule, your special needs and preferences for diet and exercise.
  2. Follow up calls and/or emails as we drill down on these above items. There will be as many or as few calls/emails as I feel are needed in order for me to learn about you and to craft your initial customized program.
  3. I will design a training program and a diet program for you to follow and create two custom spreadsheets in Google Docs which you and I will share and both have access to edit.
  4. As I prescribe you your weekly workouts you will record the workouts you do and provide feedback to me using this spreadsheet.
  5. As I prescribe you a weekly macronutrient intake, you will record the foods and drinks you consume and provide other feedback to me using this spreadsheet.

Communication during your program

  1. Weekly, ongoing:
    • Support via text and email. Please note that if you text or email me I will always do my best to return your messages as soon as possible. However I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to respond immediately and in some cases I may not be able to respond within 24 hours.
    • I will contact you as needed according to your weekly input to your spreadsheets.
    • I’ll routinely ask for metrics and progress photos which I will catalogue and use to track your progress.
    • Your program for a given week will always be posted by Friday of the preceding week.
  2. Monthly, ongoing:
    • I will be available for one 30 minute phone or video call once per month, per client. This call is optional, not mandatory.
    • Monthly calls must be on weekdays between the hours of 12pm and 5pm. If a client cannot talk during these hours I cannot guarantee that I’ll be available for a call with this client.
    • To schedule monthly call, the client must text or email me with a request for call at least one week ahead of the requested call date.

What you’ll need to execute your training program:

  1. A gym membership to a gym near you that features the basics: barbells, dumbbells, benches, treadmills, stationary bikes, etc…
  2. Access to Youtube, to watch videos on how to properly and safely perform the exercises which I prescribe for you to do in your program.
  3. A scale to weigh yourself and a smartphone to take progress pictures to share with me.
  4. A food scale and culinary measuring tools ie measuring cups and measuring spoons